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About Me

Shalini Mehta is a Mentor and Coach with 28 years of experience, helping people overcome physical and mental challenges. With Postgraduate degrees in cell biology, education, yoga and meditation, doctor of nature cure, astrology, and Vastu; as well as international certifications in grapho-therapy, hypnotherapy, and neuro linguistic programming of the mind; she has dedicated her life to helping others.

Throughout her career, Shalini has helped people from all over the world who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, anxiety, fears, anger, guilt, sadness, relationships issues with others; as well as health issues such as cancer and childlessness. By combining modalities such as hypnotherapy with graph therapy and NLP, she has devised an INNER BALANCE AND BLISS PROGRAM that will help in finding and curing the root cause of your issues.

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Booking free appointment is really easy, here are the steps:

1. Go here and fill the details form.

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You will get Free bonuses which will help you empower your life, which are worth Rs. 5000 but you will get them absolutely free after you Book appointment with me.

Well you can call me your mentor towards life improvement through various techniques like mind mastery, NLP etc which I will teach during my advanced course. I do all of the above mentioned things, depends on what client asks for.

I can help you holistically through my 1-1 free call will elaborate and find root cause of your issue, to join the free call please go here.

Please don’t be confused if you are still not able to understand our therapy procedures or site just contact me through my Facebook page and send me message there, or Email me.

This website is about having mastery of your mind, for having mind in control and to heal several types of co-morbidities holistically through mind therapy.

No we have a 1-1 free session which is free of cost and free bonuses with it, in this 1-1 session I will help you identify your issues and help you find the cause.

I have specialised courses, for that you will have to contact me through the contact email or my facebook page.

If you are a young person suffering from BP, Stress or Anxiety, book a free appointment now.

Every service and its scope is separate, please be clear about the service you need like mind mastery, NLP, Astro, Vastu, Healing etc.

I will be your mentor and guide throughout all the sessions and interactions.

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