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Shalini Mehta Therapy

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You…Control Them Instead!

Empower Yourself To Have a Greater Control Over Your Emotional State While Achieving Inner Bliss and Ultimate Satisfaction

Stop Ruining Your Life and Get Rid of Stress, BP, Anxiety and Depression that are dominating you day by day!

Unleash The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Do you know that your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind and that it controls 95% of your brain and its activities?

It is one of the most powerful weapons that you have in your arsenal…

Playing a key role in spotting or missing opportunities…

In determining whether you can live a rich and fulfilling life or a poor and unhappy one….

Depending on how you use it, it could empower you or enslave you.


I’m Shalini Mehta – Your Subconscious Mastery Expert

An internationally certified graphologist, hypnotherapist, and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmer) master trainer. 

Being a postgraduate in Yoga and Meditation and a Doctor of Naturopathy gives me the added advantage to transform miserable lives into happy ones “without medication.”

You’ll be amazed to know that…

I am the founder of Designing Fortunes and run an NGO named AARK Foundation.

There’s more…

I also enjoy the privilege of being the president of an NGO called “Apna Parivaar.” 

With all my expertise, my sole purpose is to eradicate the devastating negative thoughts and awaken the positive energies that lie within yourself to achieve the ultimate success you deserve.

It All Starts With Identifying The Root Cause!

Anxiety, depression, stress, and fears are all very common problems throughout the world.

They kill you and your self-confidence from inside leaving you drowning in a sea full of frustration, anger, and negativities…

The first thing that is to be considered when treating anxiety, stress, phobia, depression, and other related issues is to identify the root cause of the problem…

After identifying the actual cause successfully, the treatment becomes quicker, easier, and more effective by all means.

My Problem Solving Process Is As Easy As ABC

You Desperately Need My Help If…

  • You are uncertain and depressed about what the future holds for you
  • Any personality disorder is troubling you and driving you crazy
  • You just encountered a breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • You spend sleepless nights and are deprived of a happy existence
  • You are having relationship issues with your partner/loved one
  • You are suffering from workload pressure and can’t stand the anxiety and frustration
  • You have some deep-seated fears or have some phobia which disturbs you horribly
  • Your low self-esteem and self-confidence aren’t allowing you to succeed in life
  • You can’t focus and feel as if your existence is unresourceful and useless
  • Your addiction to bad habits has crossed all the limits

Start Your Transformation Journey With Me Today!

I Can Help You With…

✔️Anxiety and Stress, Blood pressure Management

✔️ Anger Management

✔️ Decision Making

✔️ Leaving Bad Habits like smoking, addiction to drugs and alcohol, etc

✔️ Controlling Emotions and Pain

✔️ Public Speaking

✔️ Overcome Fears and Phobia like Fear of Flying, etc

✔️ Handling your relationships 

✔️ Other Emotional and Spiritual Challenges you struggle with

The Incredible Benefits You’ll Observe After My Consultation

  • Watch your massively powerful brain working with you rather than fighting against you 
  • Achieve the clarity and confidence you always dreamt of while handling situations and making decisions
  • Smile and laugh while enjoying all the ups and downs of life
  • Overcome the anxiety and depression that once dominated you
  • Learn how to face rejection and take it as an opportunity to explore something more valuable
  • Enjoy healthy relationships and learn how to tackle them effectively
  • Get rid of all the fears that are living deep inside you

Look What My Patients Have To Say About My Coaching Sessions…

I consulted her and the results were excellent, everything is so positive now, I took all the precautions and did what was said, life is good
Arti Sood, 57
It's been around 14 years now, I m doing consultations on all aspects of my personal and professional life, journey so far with Dr. Shalini Mehta is amazing, 100% result acquainted remedies
Anjali Jandwani, 48
In Service
It’s being an amazing experience and a long association of over 20 years. All the important decisions have been taken in consultation and worked very well.
Rajeev Arora, 52

The Power Lies Within You…

You have the power to change your situation, to live a healthy and medicine-free life, to achieve your goals, and to own your decisions.

There is nothing to lose…

Don’t procrastinate to take action…

The ball is in your court now…

Grab the opportunity before it’s too late!


In these sessions, I will be helping you clarify the real roadblocks and challenges and will help you to work and solve one presenting issue that is most important fore you to be solved immediately.

Yes, these sessions are fully confidential and non judgemental for you to be able to discuss your problems freely.

I will also give you certain self empowerment tools to be at cause of everything in your life!

You will be able to know the real cause or the emotional pain that is behind the present issues, challenges you are facing.
After this your goal will be clarified, where I only help you to find your own solutions, because ‘solutions are just like kids- everybody likes their own.’

Finally you will walk away with inner bliss and outer abundance

After knowing the real issue which is at the root cause of your present challenge, I will help you to resolve this in my coaching session. This deep inner resolution will become the reason for the deep transformations that you will experience.

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