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SUBCONSCIOUS MASTERY EXPERT - Shalini Mehta is an internationally certified graphologist and hypnotherapist. She is also an NLP master trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programmer). She is a post graduate in Yoga and Meditation and is a doctor of naturopathy. She is the founder of Designing Fortunes has helped thousands of people transform themselves and lead an empowered and abundant life. She runs an NGO named AARK Foundation and is president of NGO called 'Apna Parivaar', through these she contributes towards the welfare of Society and Country.

“Are you feeling anxious, stressed and depressed all the time, my one to one coaching sessions will show you the way to inner happiness and medicine free life


Booking free appointment is really easy, here are the steps:

1. Go here and fill the details form.

2. Now on the thank You page click on Step 1

3. Book free appointment by messaging me – ‘get appointment’ on Whatsapp

4. Choose date and time slot
Finally your appointment is booked. You will receive the link and updates from me soon.

You will get Free bonuses which will help you empower your life, which are worth Rs. 5000 but you will get them absolutely free after you Book appointment with me.

Well you can call me your mentor towards life improvement through various techniques like mind mastery, NLP etc which I will teach during my advanced course. I do all of the above mentioned things, depends on what client asks for.

I can help you holistically through my 1-1 free call will elaborate and find root cause of your issue, to join the free call please go here.

Please don’t be confused if you are still not able to understand our therapy procedures or site just contact me through my Facebook page and send me message there, or Email me.

This website is about having mastery of your mind, for having mind in control and to heal several types of co-morbidities holistically through mind therapy.

No we have a 1-1 free session which is free of cost and free bonuses with it, in this 1-1 session I will help you identify your issues and help you find the cause.

I have specialised courses, for that you will have to contact me through the contact email or my facebook page.

If you are a young person suffering from BP, Stress or Anxiety, book a free appointment now.

Every service and its scope is separate, please be clear about the service you need like mind mastery, NLP, Astro, Vastu, Healing etc.

I will be your mentor and guide throughout all the sessions and interactions.


Problem Identifying and Solving

Stress/Anxiety Removal

Finding the root cause for it, helping you resolve the real issue confidentially and without any judgements

Get a hold of your life

You will get tools for self empowerment which will help you master your health, wealth, relationships

Mind Mastery and Coaching

Inner Bliss and outer abundance is what you will get accompanied by mind mastery with my coaching session

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Start with a one to one Coaching session today!

“The master key to our life is in our own hands”


I asked about the future of my family and the results were excellent, everything is so positive now, I took all the precautions and did what was said, life is good
Arti Sood, 57
It's been around 14 years now, I m doing consultations on all aspects of my personal and professional life, journey so far with Dr. Shalini Mehta is amazing, 100% result acquainted remedies
Anjali Jandwani, 48
In Service
It’s being an amazing experience and a long association of over 20 years. All the important decisions have been taken in consultation and worked very well.
Rajeev Arora, 52

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