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Hypertension, Anxiety and Stress: The Potential of Graphotherapy as a Treatment Option

Graphotherapy is a form of Handwriting Analysis that is used to help individuals make changes in their lives by Altering the Way they Write. Proponents of this technique believe that Changes in Handwriting can lead to changes in Behavior and Thought Patterns, which can in turn help Reduce Hypertension, Anxiety, Stress and Improve Overall

Health. Through the process of Handwriting Analysis, you can Analyze the Psychological State, Character, Skills, Temper, Emotions, Health Level, and Physiological Status of a Person. According to Handwriting Analysis, Handwriting is about the Brain, not the Hand. Nerve impulses travel down the arm, into the hand, directing the fingers to maneuver the pen. When the ink hits the paper, it actually reveals the complex inner workings inside the writer’s Body, Mind and Spirit. A deeply trained Graphologist can spot Imbalances in Handwriting that reveal Imbalances in the Body, Mind and Spirit. Many years of compiled studies and research have discovered that everything from Pregnancy to Schizophrenia, Thyroid Imbalance to Suicidal Tendencies, Cancer to Parkinson’s, Mental Illness to Nymphomania, and much more can show up in a Person’s Writing. The following are some Health Problems that can be identified in handwriting.

1.Graphotherapy In Relation With High Blood Pressure

There is Limited Scientific Research on the effectiveness of Graphotherapy for treating High Blood Pressure. However, some studies have suggested that the technique may be helpful in reducing Stress and Anxiety, which are known Risk Factors for Hypertension. It has been suggested that Changing the Way one Writes can lead to Changes in Muscle Tension and Posture, which can also help to Lower Blood Pressure.

The way a person writes can be a possible indicator of High Blood Pressure. Writing with Variable Pressure, especially when it goes from Light to Dark, can be an Indication of Hypertension. This is because hypertension can cause changes in the way the body functions, including changes in muscle tension and posture, which can affect the way a person with High Blood Pressure writes.

To determine if writing with variable pressure is an indicator of hypertension, it is recommended to Use a Magnifying Glass to Examine the Handwriting in question. This will allow for a Closer Examination of the Variations in Pressure and can provide a clearer picture of the individual’s writing pattern.

2.Graphotherapy in Relation With Stress

People in State of Stress tend to write in Downhill Writing Patterns. Downhill Writing is a term used in handwriting analysis to describe a writing style where the Letters Slope Downward, often at a Steep Angle. This type of writing is often associated with Feelings of Depression and Negative Emotions, as it is believed to reflect a person’s emotional state.

When examining downhill writing, it is important to consider the overall context of the handwriting. For example, if the writing is Consistently Sloping Downwards and there are no variations in the angle of the letters, it may indicate a more Severe Level of Depression. On the other hand, if the writing is only Slightly Sloping Downward and there are variations in the angle of the letters, it may indicate a Milder Level of Depression or simply a temporary emotional state.

3. Graphotherapy in Relation with Anxiety

In Handwriting Analysis, the Slant of the Letters is an indicator of a person’s Vulnerable Emotional State. A consistent slant in one direction, whether it be to the right or left, is generally thought to indicate a stable emotional state. However, when the Slant Varies within a Sentence or within the same word frequently in a given handwriting sample, it can indicate that the Writer is not having Continual Contact with Reality.

This variation in slant can also be an Indication of a Lack of Consistency and Stability in the Writer’s Thoughts and Emotions. It can suggest that the writer is struggling to maintain a clear and consistent perception of reality, and that their thoughts and emotions are fluctuating rapidly and frequently. This can be a Sign of Confusion, Anxiety, or even Disassociation.

Handwriting Techniques to Lower Blood Pressure, Manage Stress and Overcome Anxiety

There are several handwriting strategies that are used to help overcome High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Stress and Anxiety. These strategies are based on the idea that Changes in Handwriting can lead to Changes in Behavior and Thought Patterns, which can in turn help improve overall health.

1.Slow Down

One strategy is to Slow Down when Writing. This can help to Reduce Muscle Tension and Improve Posture, which can lower Blood Pressure, Stress or Anxiety.

2.Write in Cursive

Writing in Cursive can help Improve Muscle Control and Relaxation, which can also lower Blood Pressure, Stress and Anxiety.

3.Use a Larger Font Size

Writing in a Larger Font Size can help to Improve Legibility and Reduce the Need for Excessive Muscle Tension, which can lower Blood Pressure, Stress and Anxiety.

4.Focus on Your Breathing

Taking Deep Breaths and focusing on your breathing while writing can also help lower Blood Pressure, Stress and Anxiety.

5. Take Frequent Breaks

1. Taking Frequent Breaks while writing can help Reduce Muscle Tension and Improve Posture, which can lower Blood Pressure, Stress and Anxiety.

Closing Thoughts:

  1. What does your handwriting say about you?
  2. That you are flamboyant, carefree, kind, successful?
  3. Or that you are a great lover or, perhaps, the world’s least organized person?
  4. Handwriting analysis can pick up nearly 5000 traits and is often used as a psychological testing tool during recruitment.
  5. A graphologist can also find underlying health issues through a handwriting sample.
  6. Yes, no need to draw blood; a page of your writing is enough to see what ails you!

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